Vitamin D

Vitamin D is essential in the diet of anyone with an active lifestyle. Getting enough Vitamin D from your daily diet is difficult, so there are a variety of supplements available. Read more
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Vitamin D3 - 250 tabs
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Vitamin D

The nutrition centre advises everyone to take 10 mg of Vitamin D daily. When you realise that a boiled egg contains 0.9 mg of Vitamin D, and a portion of salmon 2.3 mg, you'll quickly understand how difficult it is to get 10 mg from your basic daily diet. That's why supplements are a perfect way to meet your needs, with just one tablet a day. Do you prefer gel caps, droplets or a spray? We have different products for every form and dosage. 

Which Vitamin D is the best?

Whatever Vitamin D is best varies from person to person. For example, don't like taking capsules? Then it may be preferably to add drops to a drink at breakfast. But a more general answer to this question is: Pure Vitamin D and, preferably, Vitamin D3 because of its stronger effect. Always look at the ingredients to see what exactly is included in a supplement, so that you can be sure that you get a high and pure Vitamin D content per dose.

Vitamin D for top athletes

There are Doping Authority Netherlands-approved supplements intended especially for top athletes. These supplements undergo an extra quality check per batch and are tested for doping substances. If you want to know which products meet the Doping Authority Netherlands requirements, check for the logo on the left of the product. Examples include high-dose gel caps and droplets.  

Vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is one of the few vitamins that can be produced by the body itself: sunlight ensures that Vitamin D is produced in the skin. With the few hours of sunshine in the Netherlands, this is unfortunately not enough for us to get the required dosage. One of the consequences of a Vitamin D deficiency is bone loss, osteoporosis and/or muscle weakness, so keep your daily intake up and make sure you stay fit and healthy!

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