Feeling good starts with a healthy body! When you feel better, your training will go better, and results will follow. Read more

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Feeling good starts with a healthy body! When you feel better, the training will automatically go better and you will achieve better results. Different types of products can contribute to your well-being. XXL Nutrition offers a broad range of different products that each have their own effect.

What is wellness?

Wellness is regarded as the state in which you are doing well mentally, physically and socially. This is therefore not always measurable in figures such as your weight or your blood pressure. If you are comfortable in your skin, others will also notice it, and you will also go to the gym with more pleasure and motivation!

Collagen powder

The popularity of collagen powder has increased considerably in recent years, and rightly so! Collagen is the most important component of connective tissue and therefore plays a major role in your body. Collagen is also widely used in the beauty world and has proven itself there time and time again.

Ginger shot

Eating enough fruit and vegetables is always of great importance, but some nutrients are not so easy to get in. Ginger is a good example of this. 

Q10 supplement

CoQ10 has become increasingly well-known because of its various effects. CoQ10 is closely related to vitamin K and vitamin E and has, among other things, a function as an antioxidant in the body. This fat-soluble, vitamin-like substance is difficult to get in from food alone, so a high-dose supplement is your best choice.