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Of all proteins, whey protein is used the most. Whey protein comes in multiple variations such as whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. Read more

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Of all the protein supplements on the market, whey protein is the most popular. Here at XXL Nutrition, we offer our customers a wide range of different whey protein supplements to choose from. Our best-selling protein shakes are whey concentrate, whey isolate and whey hydrolysate. How well the whey protein is filtered ultimately determines the protein content, how easily they are absorbed by your body and the taste. Ultimately, everyone has his or her own preference, but whatever type you buy, XXL Nutrition guarantees the best quality whey protein and the highest possible protein percentage!

Whey protein disadvantages

Taking a whey protein supplement doesn’t have any real disadvantages. However, it does contain some lactose, which can cause discomfort if you are lactose intolerant. If you are lactose intolerant, we recommend opting for a lactose-free protein shake. We also have a new line of vegan proteinsupplements that are well-suited to those with lactose intolerance. We recommend having one or two protein shakes a day, preferably after working out or first thing in the morning. 

The best whey protein

The best whey protein for you depends of course on your personal wishes and needs. If you are looking for a delicious shake with the best taste, we recommend our Whey Delicious or Protein Milkshake. If the highest possible quality is important to you, then Whey Isolate or Whey Hydro is a better choice. Is the price-to-quality ration the deciding factor for you? Then you cannot go wrong with Perfect Whey Protein! And if you want a 100% natural shake without artificial additives, be sure to take a look at the 100% Natural Whey or the Natural Gold Whey.

Buy whey protein

Whatever protein supplement you’re looking for, here at XXL Nutrition we guarantee the highest possible quality and the best customer service. All our supplements have been extensively tested and meet the highest international requirements. Whatever your goals, our protein shakes can help you reach them!