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Xone® drinks bottle for sportsmen and women

Fill our handy BPA-free drinks bottle with water or your favourite sports drink (how about our Amino fusion). Ideal for replenishing your fluids and amino acids during your workout to keep your performance levels up. But the Xone® drinks bottle is not just for elite sports people. You can also just take it with you to work or when visiting family or friends. After all, we should always be drinking plenty! 

750 ml capacity and BPA-free

Xone®'s sports drinks bottle has a capacity of 750 ml. Consequently, you'll always have enough water or sports drink with you, whether you're planning a long strength training session or a bike ride. In addition, this bottle is free of BPA (Bisphenol A), so you can enjoy drinking from the Xone® bottle with confidence.

Xone® by XXL Nutrition

Xone® by XXL Nutrition is an exclusively available range of nutritional supplements developed as a collaboration between XXL Nutrition and former professional sportsman JayJay Boske. Xone® was designed with professional athletes in mind who absolutely need the best quality combined with a 100% guaranteed doping-free label. But even if you are not a professional athlete, rest assured that with Xone® you will get the most out of yourself!


XONE Bidon

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The Xone® drinks bottle is a handy bottle for use during your workout or on the go. With a capacity of 750 ml, you'll have enough water or sports drink with you for a long workout, walk or bike ride. The Xone® drinks bottle is made of high-quality material and is designed to last a long time!
  • Durable material
  • 750 ml capacity for your favourite sports drink
  • BPA-free drinking bottle
  • You won’t find a cheaper drinks bottle

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