Whey Gold Standard Optimum Nutrition Reviews


Arnab Saha Verified Buyer

Well, needlesstosay, much about the product quality - I am sure, everyone commence their protein supplements intake with ON 100% Gold standard. The catch is variety of flavors available - so please plan/stack your supplements smartly (keep a watch on whats in and whats out). My experience of consuming almost more than 15 lbs so far has been tremendous. I rated the flavors based on my opinion, and my inclination towards coffee as well as chocolate. Chocolate mint flavor was a real disappointment though, while on the other hand strawberry flavor is okay for a while, but you do get bored so avoid bulky buckets unless you live for strawberries. Key points to remember before making a purchase: Dissolving properties: excellent - I add little mild luke warm water to the shaker with one scoop each time, and then add more water to bring it up to the normal room temperature Taste: After taste is okay, as long as you have flavor of your liking Boost/Evergy: Contains 24G proteins per scoop alongside sugar/carbs, Sugar/carb kick is necessary on your lifting days - go for it! Muscle recovery: I had to alternate this protein with Isopure at times, based on my workout on a given day - so plan it accordingly. Overall, 9/10 - strongly recommend to the beginners.

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