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Jennyeri Verified Buyer

Seriously the best protein bar on the market, flavours are great, only 5g net carbs! and 20 g protein. For me they are also gluten free and that the amount of sugar is so low is amazing, I'll never have another kind of bar again. I ordered on Monday and got it on Web, super fast and at this place sold them the cheapest that I could find. Thank you!

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Slyngel Verified Buyer

The Best ProteinBar on the market. 20 gr protein, at arround 200 KCal per bar. Great taste and no Gluten! They are delivered fast and reliably from XXL, and when the taste you want is sold out, they let you sign up for a Shout-Out mail when they are back in stock! GREAT!

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cmmelody Verified Buyer

These bars are my go-to protein bars, before and post workout. I'm a vegetarian so it's a good complement to get my proteins during the day. And the taste is great, even better warm - just microwave them 30 seconds, it's delicious. 

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Jessie2387 Verified Buyer

I ordered these bars on a Thursday and got them on a Monday, super fast shipping - will be using this site again as it was very efficient and had reasonable prices!!! Thanks xxl nutrition!!! 

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fireflyglows Verified Buyer

This was my first order with XXL Nurtrition and I literally received my package 2 days later! Fantatic service! My persoanl trainer had personally approved the Quest bar as the ONLY acceptable protein bar out of all of the other brands that are available in Amsterdam. She had given me a bar to taste test and I think it's delicious! They make a great meal substitute if you're out running errands or on the go! 

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Stiflar Verified Buyer

I received my package very fast and in perfect condition. The bars themselves are tasty (I had the peanut butter supreme) and one of the best I've tried so far.  Strongly recommended. 

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