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A carefully composed concentrate for the preparation of isotonic drink in a powder, with a recipe enriched by the addition of L-carnitine and L-glutamine, which additionally support the body during long-term physical exercise. An isotonic drink, due to its optimum, close to body fl uid concentration of carbohydrates and electrolytes, hydrates the body a lot more quickly and quenches thirst, contributing to the maintenance of the appropriate electrolyte balance of the body. The optimum composition of the product allows to prepare a drink that intensively hydrates the body, and which restores the water-electrolyte balance in the body during exercise.

Directions for use

Dissolve 17,5 g of powder (2 flat tablespoons) in 250 ml of water. Use as required, especially during competitions, intensive training and demanding physical labor. Not suitable for diabetics. Keep out of reach of children.