core training wheels

Core Training Wheels

Would you like to have rock-hard abs and a core of steel? Then try these challenging Core Training Wheels! The two rollers destabilize your workout so that your shoulders, torso and hips have to work extra hard. The Training Wheels come equipped with foam handles for more comfort and a soft grip. 

Abdominal exercises

It's important to know that the main function of your abdominal muscles is to stabilize your body. Put your stability to the test with the Core Training Wheels! Your abdominals are responsible for keeping your body in place while you perform various types of movements. When you roll forward, your abs are forced to act as a stabilizer. Also, try doing a push-up using the rollers as support. By doing this, you'll create a more challenging version of the Push Up Pro

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Core Training Wheels

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Train your abs and core with the Core Training Wheels!
  • Train your abs and overall core!
  • Foam handles for extra comfort

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