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What do HMB and creatine have in common? They both bring your goals in the gym within reach faster! Creatine and HMB even complement each other's effect. We are therefore not surprised that both supplements are so often taken together, for example through XXL's powerful HMB - Creatine Stack.

This stack contains

Creatine Monohydrate 500 grams

HMB 120 capsules of 750 mg

Benefits Creatine + HMB Stack

  • Get more results every workout
  • Creatine and HMB complement each other's effect
  • Creatine helps to improve performance during explosive effort
  • Creatine stimulates muscle growth / (fat-free) muscle mass during explosive efforts
  • Creatine improves the performance of explosive efforts
  • Creatine, for more power during explosive efforts


HMB - Take 4 capsules per day. For best results, we recommend a division of 1 capsule with breakfast, 2 capsules an hour before training and 1 capsule before going to sleep. On rest days, spread the four capsules evenly throughout the day.

For additional results, the dosage can be increased if necessary.

Creatine Monohydrate - Mix 1 level scoop (5 grams) with fruit juice or your drink of choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Can I keep taking creatine and HMB daily for a long time?
A) Although no health risks with long-term use of creatine and HMB have been found, the body will eventually get used to the substances. If you want to get the most out of the supplements, we therefore recommend taking a break of 2 weeks after every 6 weeks.

Q) Are creatine and HMB on the doping list?
A) No, they are both completely legal supplements to increase your sports performance. They also occur in a limited number of foods, albeit in smaller quantities that are nowhere near the effectiveness of this stack.

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Creatine + HMB Stack

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  • Complement each other's action
  • Very powerful combination
  • One of the most famous stacks in bodybuilding

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