energy fruit

Energy Fruit

As an endurance athlete, do you sometimes struggle with the right nutrition during high exertion? In most cases, extra nutrition is not necessary for exercise up to 90 minutes, but if you work out very intensively and/or longer, replenishing your carbohydrates is indispensable. And to get exactly what you need during high exertion, XXL Nutrition introduces Energy Fruit! These are small energy bars based on fruit with a super fine and soft structure, so that you can easily eat them even during intense exertion. They actually dissolve a bit in the mouth so you don't have to waste energy chewing (or risk choking).

Natural ingredients with 50% fruit

The Energy Fruit is a very natural form of sports nutrition. These bars consist of 50% fruit and are completely free of artificial colors and flavors. Because they contain so much fruit, you automatically take in fruit sugar (fructose) which, in combination with glucose, leads to the optimal ratio of 2:1 glucose-fructose. These two types of sugars are each absorbed in the body in their own way, so you can increase your intake amount by up to 30 grams!

Ideal energy source with 80% carbohydrates

You can imagine that you mainly need carbohydrates during high exertion, because carbohydrates are the fuel for your body. To top them up optimally, Energy Fruit is the right choice, because it consists of 80% carbohydrates. Each bar also contains 100mg sodium so that you can immediately replenish the minerals lost through sweat. The fine structure and delicious Orange and Lemon flavors make Energy Fruit perfect!

Usage and Dosage

Take 1 to 2 fruit bars per hour of exercise, depending on the duration and intensity of the exercise. Due to the high amount of carbohydrates and sodium, it is recommended to always take Energy Fruit with sufficient water.

Why is there little information shown about this product?

Unfortunately, we are only allowed to give limited information about supplements, due to strict European regulations. Only approved claims which are mentioned in the EU database are allowed to be mentioned. Therefore, often we aren't allowed to share results based on scientific research that have not been submitted to the EU for approval.

Should you have any specific questions about this product, please contact our customer service for personal advice.


Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Keep in a dry and cool place. Food supplements should not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of children.

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Energy Fruit

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Delicious fruit-based energy bars! 
  • Consists of 50% fruit
  • 100% vegan
  • Easy to eat, even during intense exertion

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