massage roller

Massage Roller

Target muscle groups and ensure a deep massage and optimal blood circulation with the XXL Nutrition Massage Roller! This stick has 2 sturdy handles with a massage surface in the middle. With the Massage Roller, having to lie on the floor (when using the Foam Roller, for example) is a thing of the past! The Massage Roller allows you to treat different muscle groups very easily, while either standing or sitting. 

Massage Foam Roller 

Similar to the XXL Nutrition Foam Roller, the use of the Massage Roller has many advantages. With the Massage Roller you can tackle trigger points, ensure better blood circulation and create more freedom of movement between your muscles. Thanks to its compact size, the roller is ideal for smaller muscle groups. Do you also want to tackle larger muscle groups such as your leg muscles, buttocks and back? Then our Foam Roller Set may appeal to you! 

Massage Roller Stick

The XXL Nutrition Massage Roller has a size of 53 cm and a weight of less than 500 grams. As a result, it never gets in the way and is easy to take with you to the gym or even your workplace! In other words, it is the ideal training aid!

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Massage Roller

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Address problem areas and trigger point easily!
  • Tackle trigger points while standing or sitting
  • Made of firm foam
  • Also available as part of the Foam Roller Set

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