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Savour our Protein Nut Bar to the max

Tasty nut bars are a favourite among athletes and foodies. Although, making up your own healthy bar with lots of different nuts in takes up a great deal of time.  Opt for convenience as well as optimal nutrition with the Protein Nut Bar from XXL Nutrition. 

Our Protein Nut Bars contain almonds, cashew, hazel and pecan nuts.  Covered in a layer of delicious caramel and dark chocolate.  Enjoy our nut bar as a tasty treat. A great protein-rich snack to take with you on the go. The natural, nutty taste will blow you away, and it will quickly become your go-to nut bar.  Want to buy the XXL Nutrition Protein Nut Bar?  Why nut?!

Healthy fats from almonds, cashew, hazel and pecan nuts

Our nut bar isn't just about the taste. It is rich in protein as well as healthy fats from almonds, hazel, cashew and pecan nuts. This makes the Protein Nut Bar rich in unsaturated fats that are good for you. Nuts and bodybuilding make for a great combo!

Each (35g) bar gives you 177 calories. This makes the Protein Nut Bar from XXL Nutrition a perfect snack to enjoy as part of your healthy diet.  The thought of nuts covered in dark vegan chocolate and caramel is no doubt making your mouth water, but just wait until you've actually tried it! The delicious saltiness of the nuts, combined with the sweetness of the caramel, is topped off to perfection with an extra crunch of puffed rice.  

Buy the tastiest vegan Protein Nut Bar around from XXL Nutrition

Want to enjoy a delicious nut bar as you improve your well-being?  The Protein Nut Bar from XXL Nutrition is a healthy vegan bar packed with nuts.  The taste and nutritional value are outstanding. Think this tasty protein-rich nut bar is a must-have for you?  If so, order our lowest-price Protein Nut Bars right now! 

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Protein Nut Bar

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A delicious nut bar.  That's our new Protein Nut Bar in a nutshell. Spending hours in the kitchen making a healthy, protein-rich nut bar is a thing of the past.  You see, at XXL Nutrition you can order truly delicious nut bar.  But that's not the best bit: the Protein Nut Bar is 100% vegan!   
  • Delicious nut bar with a crispy taste
  • Surpasses all other nut bars in taste
  • 100% vegan
  • Less than 200 calories per bar
  • Healthy bar containing almonds, cashew, hazel and pecan nuts
  • The ideal protein-rich snack
1.41 per bar

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