xone gym towel

Xone® Towel

Gloednieuw van Xone®, een sporthanddoek van extra dik en duurzaam materiaal voor de meest comfortabele training. Omdat er gebruik is gemaakt van superzacht maar toch dik katoen voelt de handdoek fijn aan en blijft deze perfect op zijn plek tijdens jouw training. De sporthanddoek is voorzien van een handige sleeve, zodat je hem gemakkelijk om een halter- of bankdrukbank hangt en hij niet van de bank afglijdt.

Sports towel with sleeve

Beside the super handy sleeve, the Xone® Towel comes in the distinctive and sleek black and white design. The motivational quote on the sleeve will let everyone know what kind of athlete you are!

High quality affordable sports towel

The Xone® Towel is the perfect example of XXL Nutrition’s norm: affordable products of the highest possible quality. The combination between strong and durable material for only €10, - makes this all the truer.


Place the sleeve of the Xone® Towel over the end of the weight bench and your workout can begin.

Xone® by XXL Nutrition

Xone® by XXL Nutrition is an exclusively available supplement range developed as a collaboration between XXL Nutrition and former professional athlete JayJay Boske. Xone® is designed with professional athletes in mind that require the absolute best quality combined with a 100% guaranteed doping-free label. But even when you aren’t a professional athlete, Xone® products maximize your results and raise your personal standard! 


XONE - Gym Towel

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Extra thick and durable material for the most comfortable workout!
  • Sports towel made of extra thick and durable material
  • Includes a sleeve to keep the towel perfectly in place
  • With the distinctive and sleek design of Xone®

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