cream of rice

Cream of Rice

Are you crazy about rice pudding, but it doesn't suit your healthy lifestyle? Then you'll be happy to hear that we offer the most delicious rice pudding, without the unnecessary fats and calories. Preparation is super easy: just mix it with a hot drink of your choice and enjoy this yummy snack within minutes. A good way for endurance or power athletes to get a good dose of clean carbs, or to simply enjoy it of course.

Healthy rice pudding

Because we add nothing more than finely ground rice flour, vanilla flavouring and sweetener, you get the delicious taste and texture, but not the extra calories. One serving contains only 90 kcal, no fats or sugars and no less than 20 grams of carbohydrates. Add some extra cinnamon or blueberries to your Cream of Rice and you'll have the best and healthiest rice pudding.

Low fat snack

Because we don't use whole milk products, this rice pudding contains a lot less fat than other products on the market. Nevertheless, we've managed to give it a creamy texture. Let the Cream of Rice stand for a while after you've prepared it to get the best result. This will take no more than a few minutes and your patience will be rewarded.

Usage and dosage

Put 2 to 6 scoops of powder in a bowl. Carefully add warm water or warm milk while stirring until you have a creamy texture. Let it rest for a while so that it can thicken and enjoy!

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Cream Of Rice

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Delicious rice pudding in a flash

  • The healthy alternative of rice pudding
  • Low in calories and fat
  • In a super creamy vanilla flavour

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