professional skinfold caliper

Professional skinfold measurer

Are you working hard in the gym, and is your goal losing fat? In that case, it’s important to not only pay attention to your weight, but also your body fat. It is entirely possible that you are losing fat but at the same time gaining muscle mass, which can make the number on the scale confusing. 

There are plenty of scales on the market to measure body fat, but these are not nearly as accurate as the results of a professional skinfold measurer. Do you want to accurately measure your body fat? Try our professional skin fold measurer. To measure is to know and it has never been easier with XXL Nutrition’s skinfold measurer! 

Digital skinfold measurer

With the Professional Skin Fold Meter of XXL Nutrition you measure how much fat there is on certain body parts in centimeters. Through a handy table you can read which fat percentage belongs to your body. You can also lock the screen or reset the measurement, which makes this skinfold meter very easy to use.

How do I use a skinfold measurer?

The professional skinfold measurer comes with a detailed instruction manual. The manual describes which body parts to measure and in what order. Thus, the skinfold measurer knows exactly how much body fat each body part contains. Go for maximal results of your cut with the professional digital skinfold measurer by XXL Nutrition!


The statutory warranty period of 6 months applies to this product.

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Professional Skinfold Caliper

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You've never measured your fat percentage so accurately! 
  • Professional skinfold measure with digital display of your measurements
  • Measure the indicated body parts and read your fat percentage easily
  • Super easy to use and provided with a sturdy storage case

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