tricep pushdown grip

Tricep pushdown grip

Expand your home training possibilities by attaching this tricep pushdown grip to your personal lat pulley machine. The narrow grip of this pushdown grip optimally targets the back of your upper arms, and will give you visibly toned triceps in no time. The pushdown grip is already equipped with an eyelet, so you can easily attach it to your cable pulley.

Tricep pushdowns

Tricep pushdowns allow you to train your triceps in a very isolated and controlled way; thanks to this pushdown grip, you can instantly turn your lat pulldown machine into an even more versatile strength machine. The grip is small in size, and comes in a sleek design that is ideal for your stylish home gym.

Training the triceps

For optimal training of your triceps, stand in front of the lat pulldown machine in a split position, taking hold of the tricep pushdown grip. Keep your elbows to your sides while pushing down on the pushdown grip with your forearms. Perform this movement slowly and in a controlled manner; this will allow for optimal muscle contraction and train your triceps most effectively.

XXL Nutrition

Tricep Pushdown Grip

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Take your tricep training to the next level

  • Train your triceps optimally with this narrow pushdown grip
  • Ideal for your lat pulldown machine
  • Easy to attach thanks to the eyelet in the grip

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