single hand grip

Single Hand Grip

Are you the proud owner of a Lat Pulldown Machine, and are you looking for a way to add even more training variety to your workouts? Then replace the Lat Pulldown Bar with this Single Hand Grip. This will allow you to concentrate on your workout with one arm at a time, achieving optimal results and helping to prevent injuries.

Single grip lat pulldown

In fact, you can do almost everything you normally do with a lat pulley, except with one hand. For example, bicep curls, tricep extensions and overhead rows. Adding a single handgrip to your fitness routine not only trains different muscles, but keeps your workouts varied and challenging.

Home workout

With this small investment, you can easily add extra possibilities to your home workout. This small piece of strength equipment is an actual must-have in any home gym, so take up the challenge and train each arm more specifically. The hand grip has a beautiful black look, and is embossed for the best possible grip . 

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Single Hand Grip

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Train each arm specifically with the Single Hand Grip

  • Train each arm even more effectively with this single hand grip
  • The perfect exercise accessory for your home gym
  • Easy to attach to a lat pulley

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