double hand grip

Double Hand Grip

With this small accessory, you can now easily expand your home fitness routine. The Double Hand Grip allows you to do new exercises, thus targeting new muscle groups. For example, make a narrow grip for biceps and triceps for your Pulldown Machine. Small adjustments have never been more effective!

New exercises with a Double Hand Grip

By attaching the Double Hand Grip to a cable pulley, you can quickly turn it into a real rowing machine. All you have to do is replace the original hand grip with this. This means a different part of your shoulder and back muscles are trained than with the Lat Pulldown Machine.

Non-slip Hand Grip

Naturally, we only use the best quality for this exercise accessory. As a result, this Double Hand Grip comes in a sleek black XXL design, but, thanks to the non-slip grip, it is also very comfortable to train with. This hand grip is of the same quality as those in your gym, except now you definitely won't have to queue up to get a good workout.

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Double Hand Grip

2 Reviews

A must-have in every (home) gym

  • Convenient exercise accessory for many new strength exercises
  • Easy and quick to attach to, for example, a cable pulley
  • High-quality and sleek design

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