leather lifting straps

Leather lifting straps

Ondersteun jouw grip maximaal met de leather lifting straps van XXL Nutrition. Zoals de naam al zegt zijn deze lifting straps gemaakt van hoogwaardig leer, waardoor je jouw polsen de juiste ondersteuning biedt om zware gewichten te kunnen tillen zonder de kans op blessures te vergroten. Ondanks het gebruikte leer zeer sterk is, zijn de leather lifting strips soepel en voelen ze fijn aan op de huid. De leather lifting straps zijn aan te passen op iedere polsgrootte, zodat ze voor iedereen de perfecte fit hebben en ideale functionaliteit bieden.

Prevent overworked wrists with leather lifting straps

A common complaint among weight trainers and bodybuilders is a painful feeling in the wrists. There is a lot of pressure on your wrists during every deadlift. A lot is asked of your wrists during back training as well. If you can often be found lifting weights, it is advised to make sure your wrists have extra support to minimize the chance of injury.

Strong leather lifting straps

Besides the cotton lifting Straps, XXL Nutrition introduces leather lifting straps as well. These lifting straps are made of high-quality leather, which helps battle gripping failure. Contrary to many other leather lifting straps on the market, these come in a sleek and matt design and have an all-natural look due to the light colour.


Put your hands through the leather lifting straps and pull the straps until you reach the preferred tightness around the wrists.

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Leather Lifting Straps

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These lifting straps are made from high-quality leather, which supply your wrists with the support they need to lift heavy weights
  • Super strong lifting straps made from high-quality leather
  • Tired wrists are history
  • One size fits all
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