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Training & Accessories

Training & Accessories
We are all fanatic athletes at XXL Nutrition, which is why we know how important training gear and accessories are. Two of the most important ones might even be the fitness shaker and bottle.  Read more
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ShakerXXL Nutrition
XXL's keuze
Perfect Cooking Spray
XXL Car Freshener
XXL Car FreshenerXXL Nutrition
Ceramic Mug
Ceramic MugXXL Nutrition
Premium Drawstring Bag
Blast! Pre Workout - Cafeine free
Protein Funnel
Protein FunnelXXL Nutrition
Hydrate Bottle
Hydrate BottleXXL Nutrition
Mouse pad
Mouse padXXL Nutrition
NotepadXXL Nutrition
Gym Towel
Gym TowelXXL Nutrition

Training tools and accessories are useful for everyone, whether you’re just starting out or you already have a few years under your belt. You likely already have some workout accessories without even realizing it. A shaker and/or water bottle is a good example. Other accessories include a gym bag, towel and training aids.

Fitness gloves

Fitness gloves provide you with more grip when exercising, but Wrist Wraps or Lifting Straps can also come in handy. To prevent injuries, you can use training belts like the Waist Trainer, and to calm down after your workout, you can pamper your muscles with a Massage Gun.

The gift for athletes

If you are very interested in strength training or nutrition, for example, then we have a nice range of books and magazines about sports. How much fun is it to give a magazine about nutrition as a gift to your sporty friend?! In order to help you find a perfect sport gift, we have made a selection with various gift tips. You also have the option to give a Gift Voucher as a gift so that he or she can choose whether to order new XXL Merchandise or other training aids.

All in all, there's something for everyone, and XXL Nutrition has the right training tools and accessories for everyone. Do you have specific questions about, for example, the size of your training gloves or doubts about which shaker is suitable for you? Please contact our Customer Service so that we can assist you! 

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