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The ‘’hardcore’’ athletes often train without wearing gloves, but training with gloves comes with many advantages.  Read more
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Rubber Grip Pads
Rubber Grip PadsXXL Nutrition
Outdoor Sports Glove
Strong Grips - 1 set
Lifting Glove Pro
Lifting Glove ProXXL Nutrition
Sports Glove
Sports GloveXXL Nutrition
Lifting Glove
Lifting GloveXXL Nutrition
Glove - Wrist Pro
Glove - Wrist ProXXL Nutrition

Dedicated athletes will undoubtedly have a story about this. Callus formation on the hands, painful wrists and insufficient grip during various exercises. That is all a thing of the past with training gloves from XXL Nutrition! These training aids are for the male and female athletes among us and are available in different materials and types in our webshop.

Fitness gloves

For anyone who is tired of injured hands and wants more grip while exercising, fitness gloves are a useful solution. We have men's gloves and women's gloves with extra reinforcement in the palm for more grip. The Leather Training Glove with wrist strap and the Glove Wrist Pro come with an additional reinforcement on the wrist for even more support.

Wrist wraps

Not only are there training gloves with extra wrist support, but Wrist Wraps are also a great solution for weak and/or painful wrists. With the Wrist Wraps from XXL Nutrition, you give your wrists the reinforcement they need, and you can still train hard! You easily wrap them around your wrist and fasten them with Velcro. Store them in your gym bag along with the rest of your training aids, and you're good to go!

Lifting straps

Nothing is more annoying than stopping an intense exercise because your fingers fail you. Of course, XXL Nutrition also has a solution for this! Lifting Straps are ideal for heavy sets for a back training and/or deadlift. Our Lifting Straps are also available in different materials such as the Leather Lifting Straps and are suitable for every athlete. 

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