energy gel pro

Energy Gel Pro

Whether you are already an avid user of our Energy Gel or you are considering using an energy gel for the first time, why not try our Energy Gel Pro. This absolute winner in terms of rapid energy will help you get through the toughest feats of endurance with ease. A 100 km bike ride? Piece of cake. Running a marathon? Bring it on. Whatever your goal, Energy Gel Pro will get you to the finish line no matter what.

2:1 carbohydrate ratio

The successful formula behind Energy Gel Pro is its 2:1 carbohydrate ratio. This means it contains 2 parts glucose to 1 part fructose. This may sound complicated, but this is to do with your body's absorption of carbohydrates. Using a gel that only contains glucose? This will give you an intake of 60 grams of carbohydrates per hour. However, if you go for a 2:1 ratio of glucose to fructose, you'll getting an extra 30 grams of carbohydrates in one go.

With added sodium

You know that salty layer that gets left your skin after working out? Take it as a compliment, because you had to sweat for it. Not only does sweating mean losing moisture, it also means losing of minerals, and these can be replenished super easily with Energy Gel Pro, as each gel contains a whopping 200 mg of sodium.

Usage and dosage

Use Energy Gel Pro before, during or after exercise. We advise beginners to consume a gel every 30 to 60 minutes during exercise. Advanced users can then move to one gel every 20 minutes in order to reach the optimal amount of 90 grams of carbohydrates per hour.

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Energy Gel Pro

2 Reviews
Indispensable during all endurance trials
  • Perfect 2:1 ratio of glucose:fructose
  • In a deliciously fresh apple flavour
  • With added sodium

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