•     Return within 30 days
  •     Home pick up option
  •     Money back within 10 days
  •     Easy & transparent return policy
  • How do I return my package?

    1. Register your return

    Click on the red button below marked 'register return'. Do this within 30 days after you have received your order. State the reason for why you are returning the product and choose your preferred shipping method.

    2. Packaging it

    Put the products you want to return in the original box or in another sturdy box. Stick the return label that you have received on the package. Do not forget to remove your old label.

    3. Send your package

    Make sure that you bring your package to a Service Point of your choice or have it picked up by our collection service. You can indicate your preference in the in the first step.

    4. Refund

    When the package has reached us and been processed, we will make sure that the amount is refunded to you within 10 working days.

    What are the return options?


        What if I cannot print out my return label?

    If you do not have a printer yourself, you could print out a label for a small amount at your local supermarket or library. You can also choose to use our pick-up service for an extra €1, because you do not need to print out a label. Please contact our customer service if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to help.

        What are the terms and conditions for returns?

    Items can be returned when:
    - They are returned within 30 days of receipt
    - Dietary supplements are sealed and unopened. We do NOT take back opened packages.
    - Clothing is returned in its original condition, including the card and bag. Trying something on is of course allowed
    - Underwear and socks will only be returned if the products are still in their original packaging.
    - Goodies must be returned pro rata. If this does not happen the goodies will be charged to your account.
    - Goodies cannot be swapped or exchanged for money or shopping credit

        What are the costs for returning an item?

    An amount of €4 will be charged to cover the cost of postage for the return. This will be charged when you submit a request for a return.

    No return costs will be charged for the following exceptions*:
    - You have received a different product than the one you ordered
    - The product that you ordered is damaged when you receive it
    - The expiry date of the product has lapsed by the time you receive it

    * You will need to contact customer service to arrange for an exception to be made for the return delivery

        Do I need to return the goodies with my return package?

    If one or more products are returned, the goodies must be returned pro rata. If this does not happen the goodies will be charged to your account.

        What if my package is rejected?

    If a package is rejected or not picked up at a Pakjegemak point, the full purchase amount will be refunded minus € 4 return costs.

        What are the terms and conditions for business clients?

    A business client pays the return costs themselves of €5. If it concerns a wrong product, then we will cover the return costs.

        Will the product be collected from my home or do I have to send it myself?

    When you register your return, you can choose whether you have the package picked up from your home or whether you take it to a pick-up point yourself.

        How should I pack my products to send them back?

    Please return the products in their original condition (clothing incl. card and bag) and preferably in the original box or another sturdy box.

        Does XXL Nutrition offer replacements or exchange?

    Unfortunately, at the moment we are unable offer this option yet.  But we are working every day to improve our service. We will soon be able to offer this option! Keep an eye on our site.

        What is the warranty period?

    On electronics and fitness equipment, the legal warranty period is 6 months.


    I would like to return a product but haven’t got an account.

    In order to process your returned products correctly and efficiently, we request you to report the return order in your personal account. Select ‘my orders’ in your personal account, search for the order you wish to return and click on ‘view order’. When the order has opened, you select ‘return order’. As soon as you have filled in all details click on ‘confirm’ and you will receive an email with your return number and instructions for how to return your products.


    I would like to return a product but haven’t got an account.

    When you don’t have an account at XXL Nutrition, customer service will process your return order. In that case we will require you to send an email to [email protected]. Make sure to mention your order number, the name of the product you want to return, the condition of the product and the reason of return. When the information has been processed, you will receive an email with instructions and your return number to return your products.


    Products can be returned when:

    • they are returned within 30 days.
    • The product (in the case of nutrition supplements) is sealed and closed. This due to health protection and hygiene when the seal has been broken after delivery.
    • The item of clothing is not worn and/or washed. (Of course, you can try them on).
    • The product (in case of electronics) is still within the guarantee period.
    • If one or more products are returned, the goodies must be returned at ratio. If this does not happen, the goodie will be charged. 
    • Due to hygiene, underwear and socks cannot be returned.
    • Goodies cannot be exchanged for money or shop credit.


    A legal guarantee period of 6 months applies to electronics and fitness attributes.


    Products cannot be exchanged.


    • Contact our customer service. You can reach us by phone via (+31)492-554731 or send an e-mail to [email protected]
    • Make sure you have your order number at the ready, so we can help you as best we can.
    • You will receive a return label per mail, print this label and stick it on your box. (If you do not have a printer, copy the information from your label).
    • Package the order back into the box, so it returns neatly to us.
    • Deliver the package to a Postal office.
    • You will receive a dispatch confirmation, save it, this is your proof of returning the package to us.


    When we receive the returned order, we will examine it. If the package is received in good order, you will get a confirmation e-mail, and we will refund the amount to the bank account it has been paid with. If you would rather receive a coupon for your next order, please state this clearly when you sign your package in to be returned.


    • An amount of € 3,50 is charged as a delivery fee for returning the order. This will be deducted from your purchase amount including possible shipping fees.
    • Returning fees will not be charged in case of the following exceptions:
    • You have received a different product than you ordered.
    • The product you ordered arrived broken.
    • The expiration date of the product expired.


    If a package is refused at the door or has not been picked up, it will be sent one more time in consultation with the customer. If the package is again refused or not picked up, a fee of €3,50 is charged for returning costs.


    Business customers can make use of our return option, for which we ask a contribution of €5, unless the reason of returning is one of the exceptions named under ‘’no returning fees’’.