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Pump & NO

Unlike some pre workouts the Pump & NO’s main goals is not to increase your energy level.  Read more
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Citrulline Malaat - 250 gram
NitroXXXL Nutrition

What is a nitrogen supplement?

Not every pre-workout has a stimulating effect, including the pump & NO products. The purpose of these ingredients is to increase the nitrogen level (Nitric Oxide, or NO), which causes vasodilation (see below for what this means). These types of supplements have been used for years in the fitness and bodybuilding world and are one of the most popular ingredients in pre-workouts. In this category, you will find products with, among other things, arginine, citrulline and VASO-6. 

What is vasodilatation?

Vasodilatation is the widening of the blood vessels in the muscles. This ensures that there is less resistance, and the heart can therefore pump more blood to your muscles. This is the familiar feeling when you have done a number of sets for your arms and is also known as the ‘pump’. In addition to the fact that many people find the feel of the pump pleasant, there is also scientific research showing that the pump may have a positive effect on muscle growth. 

Which nitrogen supplement should you take?

Generally speaking, you have 2 options: taking separate ingredients or taking a compound formula. Separate ingredients such as citrulline or arginine are popular because you can take them separately but also on top of your normal pre-workout booster. Would you prefer everything in 1? Then choose, for example, Pump 'd Up or NitroX

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