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protein iced coffee

Protein Iced Coffee

For everyone who loves iced coffee, protein and convenience, we have something that will make your day even better: our unique Protein Iced Coffee. This delicious blend of high-quality ingredients contains whey protein, real coffee and is low in fat and sugar, making it ideal for breakfast. One 30 g shake contains 80 mg of caffeine, equivalent to a strong cup of coffee. This makes our Protein Iced Coffee the perfect way to kickstart your day.

Protein-rich iced coffee

Thanks to its whopping 76% protein content, one Protein Iced Coffee contains more than 22 grams of protein. This not only gives you a protein-rich iced coffee, but immediately provides you with a delicious protein-rich breakfast. The high-quality  whey proteins used in the iced coffee are quickly absorbed by the body and provide it with the necessary building blocks after a good night's sleep. With less than a gram of sugar per serving and only 0.5 grams of saturated fat, this is the ideal breakfast shake.

Best when served ice cold

Not only does our Protein Iced Coffee give you everything you need for a tasty and protein-rich breakfast, it is also ready to drink in next to no time. One scoop shaken with 200 ml of milk or other liquid of your choice and you're ready to go. Want the very best results? We recommend using ice-cold milk to bring out the very best of the iced coffee flavour.

Looking for a ready-to-drink protein-rich iced coffee? Then check out our N'Joy Protein Drink - Iced Coffee.

Usage and dosage

For a shake, dissolve 30 g (1 scoop) of Protein Iced Coffee in at least 200 ml of milk or other liquid of your choice.

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Protein Iced Coffee

56 Reviews
Best of both worlds: Protein combined with coffee
  • Contains 22.9 grams of protein per shake
  • Made with high-quality whey proteins
  • Includes 80 mg of caffeine for a tasty kickstart to your day or exercise

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