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waist trainer

Waist Trainer

Do you experience lower back pain during workouts sometimes? Try XXL Nutrition’s Waist Trainer. This sturdy band stabilizes the area around your midsection, which results in better posture due to the right support. Even though the band is made of strong material, it feels supple and nice. The Waist Trainer doesn’t only support your back, but also creates warmth around your stomach, which increases results. In short: Waist Trainer is an effective training tool and helps take care of your body!

Extra support lower back

The back is a vulnerable part of the body during strength training. Practise a deadlift with the wrong posture and you will immediately feel it in your lower back. The Waist Trainer gives your lower back the extra support it needs. The Waist Trainer is wrapped around your waist as a wide band to support the core, which makes heavy workouts easier and prevents the chance of injuries.

Slimming band

Veel mensen kampen met een laagje vet op de buik dat maar niet weg lijkt te gaan, hoeveel sit-ups of cardio je ook doet. Door de Waist Trainer te dragen tijdens jouw krachttraining wordt transpiratie op de buik bevorderd wat bijdraagt aan de verbranding. Zo voer je niet alleen de krachtoefeningen op de juiste manier uit; je werkt je ook nog eens extra in het zweet!


Place the Waist Trainer tightly around your middle, but make sure you’re still able to easily breath in and out.

XXL Nutrition

Waist Trainer

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This sturdy band stabilizes the area around your waist, which immediately results in a better posture through the right support
  • Comfortable extra support for the lower back
  • Fast results due to increase of transpiration
  • Adjustable and suitable for everyone

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