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Light Products

One of the simplest and most effective ways to lose weight is to substitute your current food choices with foods that contain less calories.   Read more
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XXL's keuze
Light Sauce
Light SauceXXL Nutrition
XXL's keuze
Perfect Cooking Spray
0% Syrup
0% SyrupXXL Nutrition
Delicious Protein Spread
Psyllium Husk Fibres - 500 grams
BCAA Energy Drink
BCAA Energy DrinkXXL Nutrition
Light Fruit Spread - 235 gram
Perfect Protein Wrap - 6 Pack

Light products for losing weight

Losing weight effectively means eating fewer calories than you burn in one day. One of the easiest ways to achieve this is to replace your current dietary choices with variants that contain fewer calories. Light products are the perfect solution for this! How about Light Sauces with only 5 cal per serving, low-calorie and protein-rich pancakes or our 0% syrups with less than 2 cal per serving?

Are light products bad for you?

Due to European legislation, you may not simply put ‘light’ on a product. The product must actually be a difference of 30% in calories, fats or sugars with the original food. Often, with products that contain less fat contain additional carbohydrates, so the calories are still almost the same. So the first answer to this question would be ‘yes’. But at XXL Nutrition, we have ensured that our products actually contain fewer calories. Take for example our Light Sauce: Normal mayonnaise contains 679 cal per 100 ml, while our mayonnaise zero contains only 52 cal per 100 ml! Or how about our 0% syrup? Normal pancake syrup contains 227 cal per 100 ml, while our pancake syrup contains less than 4 cal per 100 ml! 

Advantages of light products

The great advantage of light products is that you can easily eat fewer calories without having to sacrifice on flavour. This contributes to your goal of creating weight loss. According to the nutrition centre, light products are a good and healthy alternative to the product you normally use. In addition, the products are always safe due to the regulations that the Netherlands has. Make sure that you do not eat less healthily because you know that you are eating fewer calories. Keep an eye on your diet and keep making healthy choices in food. 

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