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A protein bar is an easy and delicious way to get an extra portion of protein. You can use protein bars to lose weight but also as a tasty in-between snack. Road more

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A protein bar is a simple and tasty way to get an extra portion of protein. You can have a protein bar if your goal is to lose weight, but a protein bar is also a delicious protein-rich snack. XXL Nutrition offers the best protein bars in all shapes and sizes. You are also at the right place for oatmeal bars or carbohydrate bars at XXL Nutrition. All our bars are carefully composed and fit perfectly into your daily diet, whether you are bulking or cutting. 

The best protein bars?

The protein bars of XXL Nutrition are known for their delicious taste and excellent nutritional value. For example, you can choose from our N’Joy Protein Bar or Delicious Crunchy Protein Bar, both of which contain no less than 20% protein. This makes them suitable as a responsible snack before or after your workout. In addition, we also have delicious Low Carb Protein Bars. Like our normal protein bars, these contain 20% protein but with a reduced amount of carbohydrates. Are proteins your number one priority? Then you have to have the High Protein Bar with a protein content of no less than 50 percent!

The best carbohydrate bars?

Carbohydrate bars or oat bars are ideal if you want to get plenty of calories in an easy and quick way. Our carbohydrate bars are made from whole grain oatmeal and are finished with a delicious topping depending on the flavour. These bars contain no less than 460 calories, so that you can use them as a meal replacement before your workout. Oat bars are also an excellent choice for endurance athletes to quickly get a large amount of carbohydrates for an intensive training.

Looking to buy protein bars or carbohydrate bars?

Whether you choose a protein bar or a carbohydrate bar, both are a delicious snack and fit perfectly into your daily diet. You can choose from various delicious flavours such as white chocolate, stracciatella, cookies & cream and chocolate peanut crunch.