protein bars

Protein Bars

Protein Bars
Protein bars are an easy and tasty way to get an extra dose of protein.  Read more
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N'Joy Protein Bar
N'Joy Protein BarXXL Nutrition
Delicious Protein Wafer
Crunchy Protein Bar
Crunchy Protein BarXXL Nutrition
High Protein Bar 2.0
Protein Nut Bar
Protein Nut BarXXL Nutrition
Complete Food Bar
Complete Food BarXXL Nutrition
Crispy Protein Bar
Crispy Protein BarXXL Nutrition
Natural Protein Bar
Natural Protein BarXXL Nutrition
XXL's keuze
Vegalicious Protein Bar

Protein bars are a simple and tasty way to get an extra dose of protein. XXL Nutrition offers protein bars in all shapes and sizes, from the tastiest protein bars you'll ever taste to protein bars that are perfect even on a diet! You can easily use our protein bars as a meal replacement.

Vegan protein bar

The number of athletes engaged in a conscious lifestyle increases by the day. And to provide these people with the best sports supplements and nutrition, XXL Nutrition has an extensive vegan and vegetarian range. This consists of various types of vegan protein shakes and a delicious vegan protein bar. Thanks to intensive and continuous research, the protein percentage and taste of this bar is now the same as that of a normal protein bar.

What is the best protein bar?

It sometimes happens that you miss a meal or want a delicious snack, and a protein bar is a great alternative. Protein bars come in all kinds and sizes. From low-carb variants that are perfectly suitable during a diet to very protein-rich bars with which you can cover the complete protein requirement of a meal. If you rely purely on the best nutritional values, we recommend our High Protein Bar.

Low carb protein bars

A protein bar is a useful way to get a good dose of proteins quickly. For example, if you don't have time for a meal. Most bars have a relatively high carbohydrate content, which is not suitable for everyone. For example, if you want to lose weight, it is not wise to eat a protein bar daily. This is exactly why we have developed a delicious low-carb protein bar. These have a high protein percentage but contain virtually no carbohydrates, so that they fit perfectly into a low-calorie diet.

The best protein bars

Taste varies from person to person: what one person likes, another thinks is horrible. At XXL Nutrition, we do our best every day to make our products even better and even tastier. We listen carefully to the opinions of our customers, and based on this information, we can recommend our Delicious Crunchy Protein Bar as the best protein bar.

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