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booty bands pro

Booty Bands Pro

Do you also dream of having firm upper thighs and round buttocks? You can use the Booty Bands Pro from XXL Nutrition to train your buttocks as optimally as possible without having to set foot in the gym! You'll no longer be dependent on machines and heavy weights and can take the Booty Bands everywhere with you in the storage net that it comes supplied with.

Best booty bands

The resistance straps are made of strong elastic material and each has its own level of strength which lets you easily raise the intensity of your workout. Thanks to the non-slip edges you don't have to worry about them slipping off and you're all set for that killer workout!

 Although the straps are great for a home workout, they can also be used in the gym. You can use the Booty Trainer to apply extra tension to your buttock muscles during exercises such as squats, deadlifts, hip thrusts and glute bridges. That way, you'll always get the most out of your workout and make sure buttocks look their best!


Light Grey: 6.5 kg – 16 KG
Dark Grey: 11,5 – 20,5
Black: 20,5 – 31 kg

Training butt with elastic

Thanks to these straps, constant tension is applied on your muscles. This means that not only the large muscle groups are stimulated, but smaller muscles are also targeted. Even professionals like to use the Booty Bands, because a slightly different stimulus to muscles is given. The straps consequently provide a total workout for thighs and buttocks. Are you ready for this complete workout?

XXL Nutrition

Booty Bands Pro

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Train your booty and legs optimally with the Booty Bands Pro! 
  • Train your booty and legs
  • 3 different strengths
  • Made of strong, non-slip material

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