single tricep rope

Single Tricep Rope

This tricep rope is made of super-strong nylon, and has an excellent grip at the end of the rope. With a tricep rope,  you can, of course, give the triceps, but also biceps, back and shoulders a workout. You have a lot of freedom of movement when working out with one, so you have to correct yourself a lot and can even work the smallest muscles.

Best tricep workout

By adding a Single Tricep Rope to a Lat Pulldown Machine, for example, you can train the muscles in one arm or a specific part of the back in isolation. For some extra inspiration when it comes to exercises you can do with this single tricep grip, we have put together a few exercises for you:

·         Single arm tricep extension

·         Single arm rope press down

·         Single arm tricep kickback

Tricep rope on a lat pulley

With just a single click, this exercise accessory turns any cable pulley into a versatile piece of fitness equipment. Easily attaches to the pulley, adding infinite variations to your upper body workouts.

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Single Tricep Rope

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Add training variety to your home workouts with this Single Tricep Rope

  • Tricep rope made of strong nylon
  • Easy to attach to any cable pulley
  • For a versatile upper body workout

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