hydrate bottle

Hydrate Straw Bottle

Steal the show with this super cool water bottle! Not only is its design to die for, but it makes drinking so easy that you'll never want another bottle. With its easy-to-fill, wide mouth and handy drinking spout, the hydrate bottle is perfect for bringing your favorite drink with you wherever you go. In short: a must-have workout accessory for the sporty lifestyle.

A water bottle that doesn't leak

Thanks to the hydrate bottle's unique cap, a bottle leaking in your bag is a thing of the past. Push the tab up to make a handy drinking spout for a quick and easy drink. A water bottle with a straw? The hydrate bottle makes straws redundant. Perfect for rehydrating during a tempo or HIIT workout.

Water bottle in cool colours

The hydrate bottle is available in 4 different colours: red, black, white and pink. All the colours have a translucent coating so you'll always know exactly how much you have left to drink in your bottle. Whether you're in gym, on your way to school or work, or at the athletics track, you'll always have the right amount of hydration with you.

Tritan material

The Hydrate bottle is made of tritan material which brings long lasting durability. The tritan material makes the bottle BPA-free and it is resistant to hot water. 


Question: Can the Hydrate bottle go into the dishwasher?
Answer: Yes, but to keep the bottle and the print in good condition for as long as possible, we recommend hand washing.  Remove the cord during washing. In addition, the drinking spout and anti-leak rubber can be disassembled for thorough cleaning.

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Hydrate Straw Bottle

28 Reviews
Hydrate Bottle with handy drinking spout and straw!
  • A water bottle that doesn't leak
  • Content 1000ml
  • Handy drinking spout for optimal drinking ease.
  • Available in four cool colours
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